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Booking Instructions Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Booking a New Road Test Appointment

If you are an eligible driver’s licence applicant, you may book one appointment at a time using DriveTest’s online road test booking system. If you are using a computer or mobile device reliably connected to the Internet, booking a new appointment normally takes about 5 minutes. For further road test booking assistance, please refer to our booking FAQsvisit a DriveTest Cntre, or call our telephone road test booking line.

To book a road test appointment online:

  1. Gather the items you will need to book the test:
    •  An email address – This website may not support multiple bookings from different driver’s licences using the same email address.
    •  A valid driver’s licence number and driver’s licence expiry date.
    •  A valid credit card – We accept credit card (VISA or MasterCard) only.

Please note that, if you have taken a government-approved Beginner Driver Education course, you can book an expedited road test (e.g., with 8 months of experience instead of 12 months) only if your driving school has entered your successful training results into the appropriate Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) systems.

And, ensure your computer is set up for a successful booking:

  • Ensure your email inbox can accept the verification and confirmation messages.
  • For privacy and security reasons use an up-to-date web browser released in the past two years. Recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers are preferred. If you have problems with online booking (particularly if you are using the Internet Explorer browser), you may want to configure your browser settings.
  • Connect to a printer if you would like to print a receipt or confirmation after you have booked.
  1. On the Book a Road Test page, click the green Book a Road Test button to start your booking session. You have 30 minutes to complete your booking.

The Validate Driver Email screen appears.

  1. Enter your email address in the Email Address field and Confirm Email Address fields. Add your driver’s licence number and expiry date (YYYY/MM/DD) in the respective fields. Click the “I’m not a robot” check box (and answer the Captcha question(s) if asked) and then click the Submit button.

One of two things will happen after you click the Submit button:
•  If you have booked a test (or started to book a test) previously, you will see a “Hello, <Your Name>” screen.
•  If you have not booked a test before, if you used a different driver’s licence number for your last booking, or if you are using a different email address than last time, you must verify your email address; you will see the following screen after clicking Submit. The online booking system will send an email message immediately to the email address you just provided.


If prompted to verify your email address, go to your email software. In your inbox, look for an email from [email protected]. Open the email and click the Verify link.

If you do not receive this email, check your junk mail folder for the email. If you still cannot find the email in your inbox, call our telephone road test booking line.

After clicking the Verify link in your email, a new tab will open in your browser (or a new browser window will open), and another DriveTest road test booking screen appears.

Re-enter your Driver’s Licence Number and Driver’s Licence Expiry date in the appropriate fields and click the Submit button. The Hello screen, with your name, appears.

  1. In the “Hello, <Your Name>” screen, click on the type of road test you would like to book. (For a description of licence types, please visit the Licences Overview page.) Click the Continue button once you have selected a test type.

Please note that, after selecting a commercial test (if applicable), you may be asked (if you’re eligible) whether you want to be examined for the air brake (Z) endorsement at the same time; click the checkbox if you want to be tested for air brakes within the same appointment.

Two new options appear in the top right of the booking screen: Dashboard and Quit. Clicking Dashboard will bring up a list of appointments you have already booked so that you can print or confirm the details, modify or reschedule the appointment at least 48 hours prior to the appointment, or cancel the road test. Clicking Quit will end your session.

A unique transaction number also appears at the bottom of the screen; if you have difficulties with online booking, please provide this transaction number when you contact DriveTest for assistance.

  1. After selecting a licence class/test type, the map screen appears so that you can select a DriveTest location to take your road test. Using the scroll bar on the right side of the screen, browse the list of DriveTest locations that offer the test you would like to take. If you prefer, you can also click a navy blue pin on the map to select a location. Once the location is selected (once selected, the location name and address will be highlighted in blue in the list on the right), click the Continue button to choose a date for your test.
  1. After you select a location, a calendar for that location will appear. White date boxes indicate there are openings on that day. Gray date boxes indicate that there are no free timeslots on that day at that location.

Click on a date box to choose a date and then click Continue to see the open timeslots on that day.

Please note that, if you have taken a government-approved Beginner Driver Education course, you can book an expedited road test (e.g., with 8 months of experience instead of 12 months) only if your driving school has entered your successful training results into the appropriate MTO systems.

Motorcycle road tests are conducted from May to October each year, weather permitting. Timeslots for motorcycle road tests become available for booking approximately one month (e.g., in April) prior to motorcycle road test season.

After a few seconds, the available appointment time list loads and appears.

  1. Click the desired appointment timeslot. Once selected, the time box should turn blue. Click Continue.

If you do not like any of the timeslots, you can scroll back up to the date screen or locations screen to choose a different date or DriveTest Centre.

  1. After choosing a timeslot, a summary of your road test booking selections appears. This is NOT a confirmation that you are booked; this is for your review only.

Review the booking requirements summary (you’re almost done!) and decide how you would like to proceed:
•  If you want to change the location, date, or time, click the Edit Booking button. You will return to the previous screen. Scroll back up to the locations selection map or calendar if you prefer.
•  If you are satisfied with the location, date, and time, review the terms and conditions and click the check box, and then click the Book & Pay Now button. Please note that, if you have already prepaid for your road test, you will see a $0.00 balance and a Submit button instead of a Book & Pay Now button.

  1. Complete all the fields by first selecting the card type from the dropdown, enter the name as it appears on the card, card number, expiry date and CVD/CVV number. The complete the address section with your email address to be able to receive a receipt. The comments field is not necessary. Once finished click Submit Payment.
  1. The payment screen will change to “You are booked!” if your credit card was charged successfully.

The online road test booking system also automatically sends you two confirmation emails – one for the payment and one for the appointment. If you have already prepaid, you will receive only one confirmation email.

  1. Print a receipt or confirmation, if desired, or click Quit in the top right corner of the browser tab to close your session.

Please note that a printed copy of your booking confirmation is not required for check-in at the DriveTest Centre on the day of your road test — you can show details of the confirmation with the DriveTest agent from your mobile device/phone.

If you would like to print a copy of the receipt or confirmation later, you can access the Dashboard or edit a road test to print a new summary.