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Senior Driver’s Licence Renewals

Licensed drivers aged 80 and over have unique renewal requirements. However, seniors pursuing a non-commercial licence for the first time must follow the usual graduated licensing steps.

The licence renewal process for seniors varies for non-commercial licences (Class G or M) and commercial licences (Classes A, B, C, D, E, or F). Both processes are described below.

Class G or Class M Licence Renewals for Seniors

Just prior to your 80th birthday, you will likely receive for the first time a renewal notice that indicates that you must attend a renewal session to keep your Ontario driver’s licence (if the Ministry of Transportation has your current address on file). The renewal session is mandatory, even if you have a good driving record. The renewal session is scheduled regularly at locations across the province and involves reviewing the rules of the road and taking a few short tests.

(Note: If you are 70 years of age or over and have been involved in a collision, you could also receive a notice. This letter will indicate any testing that must be completed. You have 60 days to do the tests.)

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO), ServiceOntario, and DriveTest teams are all involved in senior driver’s licence renewals. Each team has a different role to play in the renewal process. DriveTest Centres support the process by administering any tests that are suggested by an MTO driver improvement counsellor at the renewal session. Once you turn 80 years old, you will have to complete the following process every two years.

Renewal Requirements for Senior Class G and Class M Drivers

Starting at age 80, you must participate in a renewal session every 2 years.

Senior driver renewal

The renewal session includes:

• A vision test.
• A driver record review.
• A 45-minute group education session (GES).
• Two, brief, written (non-computerized) screening exercises.
• Taking note of and then completing any required follow-up items for the MTO driver improvement counselor.

Out of Province at Renewal Time

MTO does not offer the senior renewal session outside of Ontario. If you are going to be out of the province when your licence expires, you may want to renew ahead of time. You can renew your licence up to 180 days prior to the expiry date. If you are out of the province when it is time to renew, you may apply for a temporary driver’s licence. Visit ServiceOntario for more information.

Resources for Senior Class G or Class M Drivers

In addition to the The Official Driver’s Handbook and The Official Motorcycle Handbook, MTO has assembled several documents that may assist seniors in navigating the driver licensing renewal process:

Senior drivers in Ontario page
Renewing a licence outside of Ontario

Renewal Process for Senior Class G and Class M Drivers

There are five main steps (possibly more, if required) to renew your licence.

1. Receive a renewal application.
Before your licence expiry date, you will receive the following in the mail:

• a renewal application form
• a letter explaining the steps required to renew

The letter and renewal application form will arrive up to 90 days before your licence expires.

2. Watch the educational video.
Before attending the renewal session:

• watch the senior driver education video
• review the Official Ministry of Transportation Driver’s Handbook and/or the Official Ministry of Transportation Motorcycle Handbook, also available in print format at various retailers

3. Book an appointment.
Once you receive your renewal application form and letter in the mail, you must attend a Senior Driver Group Education session. To book the appointment:

• call 1-800-396-4233 (toll free) or 416-235-3579 (in the Greater Toronto area)
• provide your driver’s licence number
• tell us about any language barriers
• tell us if you require accommodations such as a sign-language interpreter

When you call, you will get the date, time and location of your session. Sessions are held at various locations across the province.

If you can’t attend the day of your session, you may re-schedule your appointment. If the next available appointment is after your driver’s licence expires, you may be eligible to get a temporary driver’s licence extension.

4. Attend a senior driver group education session.
What to bring to the renewal session:

• your driver’s licence (or temporary driver’s licence)
• the licence renewal application, if available
• corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses you use for driving as well as any used for reading
• hearing aids, if needed

At the session, you will:

• have an opportunity to watch the educational video if you were not able to watch it before attending
• complete a vision assessment
• complete a 5-minute in-class screening exercise

After the session, you may need to:

• renew your driver’s licence by paying a $36 renewal fee at ServiceOntario
• before renewing, you may also be asked to complete one or more of the following:

• pass a road test
• follow up with your doctor and submit medical information
• provide additional vision information from a doctor or optometrist

This will depend on how well you performed on the in-class screening components and a review of your driving record.

If additional medical information is required, you will be notified by mail.

A driver improvement counsellor at the group education session will tell you the next steps.

If you have demerit points, are unsuccessful with a test, or have trouble with the written exercises, for example, you may have to follow up with your physician or take a road test. If you need to see your physician, you will receive a letter in the mail. It will outline the medical information required and a timeframe to submit it at a DriveTest Centre. If a road test is required, you must book an appointment. You can book a road test through this website, in person, or by phone. When you arrive at the DriveTest Centre, you must provide your current driver’s licence and the renewal form you received in the mail. All DriveTest Centres are accessible with dedicated parking, railings, ramps, etc. If you are unsuccessful with any of the required tests – vision, or road – you may take them again. If you are unsuccessful in a road test, your driver’s licence may revert to a Class G1 or M1 until you are successful. For that reason, bring a fully licensed driver with over four years of experience with you on the day of your road test.

5. Receive a new licence card.

After you complete the renewal requirements you may renew your licence online or if necessary, visit a ServiceOntario centre. If you renew your driver’s licence at a ServiceOntario centre, you may to need to bring original identification that shows your legal name and date of birth if your licence has already expired.

Find a ServiceOntario centre near you

Commercial Licence Renewals for Seniors

Senior commercial drivers can renew their licences at any DriveTest Centre or, if no tests are required, at a ServiceOntario office. Senior commercial licence holders do not need to attend renewal sessions.

As a commercial class driver (i.e., Class A, B, C, D, E, and F), you may revert to a Class G licence if you do not use your commercial class licence anymore or if you do not meet the medical examination report, vision test, or road test requirements.

If you are out of the province when it’s time to renew, contact ServiceOntario.

Requirements for Senior Commercial Driver Renewals

Renewal requirements for senior commercial drivers depend on the driver’s age, licence type, and driving record.

Aged 65 to 79

• Pass a knowledge test usually every five years (includes air brake endorsement tests).

• Pass and submit a medical examination report, including a vision test, every year.

• Class D licence holders up to age 80 are subject to a Class D knowledge test and vision test every five (5) years at time of licence renewal.  Class D licence holders over the age of 80 still have to complete an annual knowledge, vision and road test.

• Senior commercial drivers may trigger testing immediately if they are involved in an at-fault collision with a corresponding moving violation conviction, or
they have accumulated more than two demerit points and have a moving violation conviction.

Aged 80 and Over

• Pass vision, knowledge, and road tests annually.

• Pass and submit a medical examination report, including a vision test, annually.

• Senior commercial drivers may trigger testing immediately if they are involved in an at-fault collision with a corresponding moving violation conviction, or they have accumulated more than two demerit points and have a moving violation conviction.

Process for Senior Commercial Driver’s Licence Renewals

Commercial renewal steps vary based on your renewal cycle, age, and driving record.

  1. Get a renewal notice in the mail (if the address that MTO has for you is up to date).
    Your package will include a renewal form and instructions on what to do to renew.
  2. Visit a DriveTest Centre (or ServiceOntario office if no tests are required).
    Bring your renewal form, your current licence, corrective lenses, medical examination report (if it’s due), and money to pay the renewal fee(s).
  3. Take a vision test.
    Class A, B, C, E, and F drivers between the ages of 65 and 79 require a vision test every year. At age 80, Class D drivers must take a vision test every year. A trained customer service agent will administer the test. Be sure to bring any corrective lenses that you use while driving. If you are unsuccessful with the vision test, you may be required to take a visual functions report form to your eye doctor.
  4. Take a knowledge test, if you’re due for one.
    If you’re aged 65 to 79 and have a clean driving record, you must take a knowledge test every five years. If you are aged 80 and older, you must take a knowledge test every year. You may be asked to take a knowledge test if you have been in an accident, have a moving violation conviction, or have accumulated demerit points. Ontario’s official handbooks are great resources. The operator’s manual for the vehicle(s) you intend to drive is also useful for your test(s).
  5. Submit your medical examination report form, if it’s due.
    Class A, B, C, D, E, and F drivers aged 65 to 79 must submit a medical report annually.
  6. Take a road test, if you’re due for one.
    If you are a commercial driver over age 80, you must take a road test every year. You may be asked to take a road test if you have been in an accident, have a moving violation conviction, and/or have accumulated demerit points.
  7. Pay any applicable renewal fees.
    Fees will vary based on the renewal steps required. Fees are set by MTO and are subject to change. Fees can be paid by cash, credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express), debit card, certified business cheque, certified personal cheque, bank draft or money order (each made payable to Serco Canada Inc.), or traveller’s cheque (Canadian or American).
  8. Obtain your temporary driver’s licence.
    A customer service agent at the DriveTest Centre will give you a temporary driver’s licence that is valid for 90 days. If you do not receive your official driver’s licence (plastic photo card) before the expiry date on your temporary driver’s licence, please visit a ServiceOntario office for an extension.