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New Remote Queueing Option for Inside Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When does this remote queuing system take effect?
Answer: The piloting of the remote queuing system will commence Monday, December 5 at the Brampton DriveTest Centre and Monday, December 19 at the Metro East DriveTest Centre.

Question: What is a remote queuing system?
Answer: A remote queuing system replaces physical line-ups with a virtual queue. With a remote queuing system, customers looking to complete inside services such as knowledge tests, at the Brampton and Metro East pilot locations are now able to join the line by using their mobile device through the website. Individuals can also join the virtual queue by scanning a QR code affixed to the exterior of the pilot locations or through assistance from the door guard. These new options to join a virtual queue will reduce the need for customers to stand in a line outside.

Question: How do I join the line remotely for inside services?
Answer: Customers can join the line for inside services remotely using a link available on the DriveTest website, through a QR code that will be affixed to the exterior of the Brampton and Metro East DriveTest Centres, or through the assistance of a Door Guard (for those individuals without a cell phone or who require further assistance).

Question: What information is required in order to join the remote queueing line up?
Answer: To join the remote queue online, customers are required to provide their first name and phone number. To ensure eligibility for service, register with the name on the identification you intend to present at the DriveTest Centre.

Once registration is complete the customer will receive an initial text message with their spot in queue and estimated wait time. They can click the link to watch live updates.

Question: What if I need to leave the queue before receiving service?
Answer: You can exit the queue by replying with “9” to any text message sent by the queuing software. To rejoin the queue, simply text back your name as it appears on the identification you intend to present at DriveTest.

Question: Does WaitWell work with every cell phone carrier?
Answer: Yes, no matter what carrier you use, you will receive notifications by SMS from WaitWell if you allow it.

Question: What languages is WaitWell available in?
Answer: WaitWell is available in English and French.

Question: Will my contact information be protected?
Answer: Yes. WaitWell will never sell or share your data or your customers’ information with any third parties.

Question: I want to join the remote queuing line up but do not have a cell phone/data plan. Can I still join the remote queuing line up?
Answer: Yes. Applicants who do not have a cell phone or data plan should see the Door Guard to be added manually to the remote queuing line up.

Question: Can I add multiple people onto one registration?
Answer: If each person has a cell phone number and a data plan, it’s encouraged they register themselves to receive a unique QR code and real time updates. If the additional person doesn’t have a phone and/or data plan, you can add them to your registration by providing their name shown on their ID that they will present at DriveTest. If you bring an additional person who is not registered, they may be placed at the end of the queue.

Question: Can I join the line remotely for my friend/family member?
Answer: Yes. When registering, record the person’s name as it appears on the identification they will provide during their visit. A reasonable match must be provided otherwise the customer will need to re-join the remote queue.

Question: Will this change take effect at all DriveTest locations?
Answer: No. The remote queuing system pilot will be taking place at the Brampton and Metro East DriveTest Centres only.

Question: Why are the Brampton and Metro East DriveTest Centres the only locations being utilized for this virtual queuing pilot?
Answer: In order to effectively manage and monitor the pilot, the program was limited to two DriveTest locations.

Question: I’m at the front of the remote queuing line up. Does this mean I’m next in line to be served at the DriveTest counter?
Answer: Upon entry into the DriveTest Centre, customers will be required to take a QMatic ticket which will identify the nature of the transaction that they are looking to perform. Customers will then join a short queue inside the facility prior to being served.

Question: Which Inside Services transactions will be offered as part of this pilot?
Answer: Any transaction other than a road test, is deemed an Inside Service transaction and these include the following services:

• Original Licensing Applications and Written Tests (G and M)
• Reciprocal and Non-Reciprocal Out of Country Driver’s Licence Transactions
• Out of Province Driver’s Licence Exchanges
• Commercial Upgrades and Renewals
• Driving Instructor Applications
• CVOR Testing and Processing
• Acceptance of Medicals
• Book a road test appointment

Question: Can I join the remote queuing system to take my scheduled road test?
Answer: No. Road test applicants must continue to check in 30 minutes prior to their road test appointment in person at the DriveTest Centre.

New: Complete Application Forms Online in Advance of Your Visit to a DriveTest Centre

DriveTest is modernizing to serve you better!  We now offer the option to complete application forms online in advance of your visit to a DriveTest Centre. The following transactions are eligible for this option:  New Driver, Out of Province Driver, and Out of Country Driver.

To complete an application form online, visit the forms library and follow the instructions listed below.  Then simply print the completed form and bring it with you when you visit a DriveTest Centre to complete your transaction.

Using your acceptable identification documents, complete the following sections of the electronic application form, then print a completed copy and bring the form along with your original, acceptable identification to the office to begin your application.

See the Acceptable ID Documents page for a complete list of acceptable identification.

NOTE:  The online application form will only work properly if opened with an Adobe Reader 10 or later client. Please do not open this file in a browser.

Section 1 – Driver Information

  • List your name exactly as it appears on your acceptable identification. Do not add names or initials that do not appear on your documents.
  • Include an Ontario Driver’s Licence number if you were previously licensed in Ontario. If you do not know your Ontario Driver’s Licence number leave the section blank.
  • Select your date of birth from the drop-down calendar.
  • Record the gender shown on your acceptable identification documents.
  • Record your height in centimeters.
  • Record your full residential mailing address; include an apartment/unit/townhouse number if applicable, under ‘Unit Number.’ Include a direction if applicable. E.g., Main Street East
  • Record a mailing address if the licence is to be mailed to another location aside from your residential address listed above.

Section 2 – Questions and Responses

Use your mouse (or tap on touch screen devices) to select the appropriate box.

If you answer “Yes” to Question #2 regarding a medical issue you will be required to enter the medical condition on the Medical Condition line.

If you answer “Yes” to Question #3 and/or Question #4 regarding previous licensing information you will be required to enter your name as listed on your Ontario Driver’s Licence or Ontario Photo Card. You will also be required to enter the jurisdiction and duration of your previous licensing experience outside of Ontario.

Section #3 – Applicant Declaration

  • Select the current date from the drop-down calendar.
  • Ensure your responses and personal information are correct before printing. Once you are sure the information is correct, click PRINT FORM at the bottom left of Page 2.
  • Sign the applicant declaration. See the  Acceptable ID Documents page for a complete list of acceptable identification.

If you have a question or concern about completing the application form online, please review the frequently asked questions.

New Secure Drop Boxes for Medical Reports!

Eligible users may deposit their medical report form in the secure medical drop box during regular business hours at these participating DriveTest Centres:

Barrie, Belleville, Brampton, Brantford, Burlington, Downsview, Etobicoke, Guelph, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Metro East, Newmarket, Oakville, Orangeville, Oshawa, Ottawa Canotek, Ottawa Walkley, Peterborough, Port Union, St Catharines, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, and Windsor.

The medical drop box is located in the lobby along with a list of criteria clearly displayed above each drop box. The new secure medical drop boxes will reduce customer wait times and improve the level of customer service provided at the front counter.

No Additional Service Fees

DriveTest does not charge any additional service fees for booking your road test; we charge only fees approved by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. If using third-party booking services, we recommend customers make themselves aware of any additional fees that may be charged.

Third Party Booking Services

DriveTest is not affiliated with any third-party booking services; as such, the use of these services is at your own discretion. Please be aware that your personal and financial information may be collected by a third party and could be subject to misuse. DriveTest is not responsible for, nor obligated to honor services booked via a third-party site.