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Owners/operators of businesses involving buses or trucks need an Ontario Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) certificate. CVOR applicants must complete a New Entrant Education and Evaluation Program (NEEEP) test at a DriveTest Centre.

Testing for Owners/Operators of Truck or Bus Fleets

Like commercial drivers, owners/operators must have sound knowledge of vehicle maintenance practices and pertinent laws for driving transport and carrier vehicles safely on Ontario’s roads.

If you are an owner or operator of a truck (or fleet of trucks) that has a registered gross weight of over 4,500 kilograms, and/or a bus (or fleet of buses) that carries ten or more passengers, you must apply for, obtain, and renew a Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) certificate. Successfully completing a New Entrant Education and Evaluation Program (NEEEP) test at a DriveTest Centre is one of the steps for the CVOR certificate.

The test was created by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and has 30 multiple-choice questions. You can use the Commercial Vehicle Operators’ Safety Manual as a study guide (see the MTO website for CVOR details).

You can write the test, in English or French, at any DriveTest Centre without an appointment. You can take a computerized test or a paper test at the center. However, if you need a verbal test and/or want to bring an MTO-approved translator, please visit a DriveTest Centre to book in advance.

NEEEP/CVOR Test Requirements

When visiting a DriveTest Centre for the NEEEP/CVOR test, you must:

Customer service agent verifying identification
  • Bring your valid driver’s licence for photo identification. (If you do not have a driver’s licence, you can use a passport, Ontario photo card, and/or Certificate of Indian Status card as photo identification.)
  • Write the test on the same day as you pay the fee.
  • Bring your original CVOR application confirmation letter (comes in the mail from MTO, if MTO has your current address). Faxes and photocopies are not acceptable.
  • Do the test within six months of your CVOR application. The letter includes a due date. If that date has passed, you cannot write the test and must contact MTO’s Carrier Sanctions and Investigation Office at 416-246-7166 ext. 6300 or 1-800-387-7736 ext. 6300.


DriveTest employees can give the NEEEP/CVOR test only to those identified on the CVOR application confirmation letter. This includes the owner, sole proprietor, corporate officer, or director of a corporation as per the details the applicant gave on their application form. The photo identification and letter must match.

NEEEP/CVOR Test Results

A DriveTest agent will mark your test as soon as you complete it. You need to score at least 80% to pass.

You can attempt the NEEEP/CVOR test as many times as needed; however, you will be charged for additional attempts and the test must be successfully completed by the due date on the application confirmation letter.

Once you are successful on the NEEEP/CVOR test, a DriveTest agent will forward the results to MTO. MTO will issue a CVOR certificate, as applicable.