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Commercial Block Booking

Road Test Appointments for Commercial Driver Training School Applicants

Recognizing that schools tend to work with groups of students, make frequent trips to DriveTest Centres, and may have scheduling challenges as a result of sharing classified vehicles, we provide a block road test booking feature to schools.

Bookings are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Booking early and in smaller groups provides more scheduling flexibility.

A scheduling cost of $20.65 (inclusive of HST) applies to every commercial road test booking when requested in the form of back-to-back bookings. This cost does not apply to the public booking system.


Road test peak periods are from May to October. There is often a longer wait during these months due to an overall increase in road test applicants.

Back-to-back booking arrangements are:

  • Bookings to be made in writing (fax or in-person) to the local DriveTest Centre using the attached form (opens in new window).
  • The centre will make the bookings based on the details provided.
  • The scheduling cost will be charged to the schools based on the information given.
  • After a booking has been made, substitutions will be allowed but will incur an additional booking cost of $20.65.
  • Bookings made and subsequently cancelled by the school or determined to be unacceptable by DriveTest(for example an ineligible applicant) are subject to the scheduling cost.
  • Applicants may still be substituted or have their bookings cancelled without road test fee forfeiture outside of the 48hr limitation.
  • The scheduling cost is per test booked, not per column.
  • Invoices for booking costs will be issued to the schools each month for all bookings made in the previous month.

The invoice payment method is by cheque payable to “Serco Canada Inc.”.