Road Tests – Motorcycles

In Ontario, getting a motorcycle driver’s licence is a completely separate process from obtaining a licence to drive any other vehicle.  

Class M Road Tests – Two Types

To ensure the safest roads in North America, Ontario has a graduated licensing system with two types of road tests for motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds – Class M2 and Class M. Both tests enable professional driver examiners to assess your ability to apply the rules of road, handle your vehicle, and demonstrate safe driving practices.

Driver Examiner Directing a Motorcycle Road Test Applicant

Class M2 Road Test

This test assesses basic driving skills and usually takes about 20 minutes. If you are successful, you will be granted a Class M2 licence.

You must have at least 60 days of Class M1 experience before taking your Class M2 road test.

When you successfully complete a Ministry of Transportation (MTO) approved motorcycle safety course, the training organization will provide confirmation to MTO electronically and the DriveTest customer service agent will see this when you visit a DriveTest Centre for your Class M2 licence. Not all training organizations are using this computerized approach; you may get a paper referral envelope instead. If you bring this referral envelope to a DriveTest Centre within six months, you do not need to take a road test to earn your Class M2.

Class M Road Test

This test assesses more advanced driving skills, includes a highway component, and usually takes about 30 minutes. If you are successful, you will be issued a Class M licence.

For this test, you will be followed by a “chase car” with two DriveTest employees (a driver and a driver examiner). The driver examiner will provide you with instructions for the test through ear buds (hearing device) that will be provided to you.

If you finish an MTO-approved motorcycle safety course, you can take your Class M road test after approximately 18 months (550 days) instead of 22 months.

Booking the Test

When you have met the mandatory wait periods and have enough experience, you can book a road test. See also the Motorcycles Licences page for requirements.

Motorcycle road tests (classes M2 and M) are available from mid-May to mid-October each year, weather permitting.  Motorcycle road tests will be available for booking beginning May 1st. To avoid disappointment, please plan ahead and book according to your motorcycle licence expiry date. (Please note that if you have a combined licence, such as a GM2 licence, the date shown on the licence card may reflect the date of the other licence rather than the motorcycle licence.)

To book, you need a driver’s licence number and the means to pay the fees. You may also need to indicate the type of bike you plan to use at your road test. 

Preparing for the Test

To drive a motorcycle, you must follow the graduated licensing program, but you do not need a Class G licence to take a motorcycle road test. 

Driver education and safety courses (listed on the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) website) are optional but recommended. Before taking any road test, make sure you study the Official MTO Driver’s Handbook and Official Motorcycle Handbook.

Motorcycle and Traffic Cones

To prepare for the test, we recommend that you practise the skills below in a variety of locations, times of day (as your licence allows), and driving conditions:

  • Starting, stopping, and turning.
  • Traffic signs and lights.
  • Driving in the right position on the road.
  • Passing vehicles, including bicycles, and driving in passing lanes.
  • Travelling through controlled and uncontrolled intersections.
  • Parking and reversing.
  • Foreseeing hazardous conditions and being ready for them.

While preparing, make arrangements for the vehicle that you will use on the day of the test. Make sure that it is in the appropriate class and that it is in good working order. 

DriveTest Centres do not provide vehicles. You may borrow or rent a motorcycle, moped, or scooter for the road test. However, it is your responsibility to arrange for insurance.  

Day of the Test

Please arrive at least 30 minutes early. Road tests take place rain or shine, unless you are otherwise notified. In the cases of extreme weather, your road test may be rescheduled or postponed for safety. Check the Service Disruptions page on the day of your test if the weather is bad or changeable.

When you arrive for your test, please park your bike and go inside the DriveTest Centre to check in. Most centres have a self-serve kiosk for check in; see a customer service agent if yours does not. After check in, return to your bike and wait for the driver examiner.

Some DriveTest Centres give motorcycle tests at offsite testing locations. When required, these sites are situated within a few kilometres of a DriveTest Centre. They are often unmarked and have no amenities except for equipment and space to conduct the test. A uniformed driver examiner will meet you at the offsite location only at scheduled appointment times. When you check in at the DriveTest Centre, please listen for any specific instructions.

Bring the following items to the test:

  • Vehicle in good working order.
  • Glasses or contact lenses (if you need to wear them to drive).
  • Current driver’s licence.
  • Print-out of your road test confirmation email.
  • Helmet (must comply with Regulation 610 of the Highway Traffic Act).

Before you begin, the driver examiner will explain the test, provide instructions, and supply you with ear buds, as required. The driver examiner is not allowed to coach you, so if you have any questions, ask them before you begin. The driver examiner may stop or refuse to start the test if:

  • Your bike is not in good working order.
  • You show any signs of impairment from alcohol or drugs.
  • Your driving skills are not good enough to finish the test without risking safety.

We recommend that you wear either a full-face or three-quarter helmet to enable you to better hear the driver examiner's instructions. Compared to the half-helmets, these larger helmets secure the ear buds in place better and reduce interfering noise.

While you are taking the test, the driver examiner will evaluate your skills according to set criteria and complete a form/scoresheet. 

Motorcycle Road Test Applicant Adjusting Helmet

After the Test

After the test, the driver examiner will give you a complete report of your skills. If you are successful, you will receive a temporary driver’s licence, which is valid for 90 days or until your permanent driver’s licence photo card arrives in the mail. If you are unsuccessful, the report will show you where you need to improve. When you have had more practice, you can book another test. You may take as many road tests as you need to pass, provided your motorcycle driver’s licence is valid. You must wait at least three days between tests. Applicable test fees apply.

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