Licence Exchange Bookings

Avoid the line! The Downsview DriveTest Centre is scheduling appointments to exchange your foreign or out-of-province driver's licence.

Licence Exchange Appointments

DriveTest now has the option for customers to schedule appointments for select over-the-counter transactions. These transactions include out-of-province driver and out-of-country driver. 

In order to request a licence exchange appointment send us an email and fill in the email with:

  • Your country, province, or the U.S. state of origin of your licence being exchanged.
  • Your preferred appointment date. 

In response, you will receive an email confirming your appointment information and advising you of the documents required to complete your scheduled transaction. 

If your preferred appointment date is not available, the next nearest date will be offered.

Notes About Licence Exchange Appointments

Appointments are available only at the Downsview DriveTest Centre while we assess our customers' interest in this new initiative.

All other locations, including Downsview, will continue to exchange licences on a walk-in basis. 

For all enquiries not requesting a licence exchange appointment, please contact us